International Program for Science, Technology and Innovation in Health (PICTIS)

Centre for research, innovation, technological development, and entrepreneurship in health led by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz/Brazil) and the University of Aveiro (UA/Portugal)

Innovative mechanism for international cooperation

About the program

PICTIS is structured as sectorial laboratories specialized in generating processes, products, and services, with special attention to the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS) and the Portuguese National Health Service (SNS). As such, it is committed to communicating knowledge and technologies for the welfare of societies.

It is an innovative mechanism for international cooperation that embodies the Fiocruz Innovation Policy (endorsed by the Brazilian Legal Framework for Science, Technology, and Innovation), and the University of Aveiro Strategic Plan, both aimed at the internationalization of Science and Technology Institutions.


Sectorial laboratories


Supporting institutions from 15 countries

Our mission

To produce and disseminate knowledge and technological innovation in health, promoting the creation and improvement of processes, products, and services through the development of international cooperation networks and scientific and technological entrepreneurship.

Our vision of the future

To be recognized as an international centre of excellence in Science, Technology, and Innovation in Health.

What we do

Our actions are in line with the objectives of the Brazil-European Union Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement (S&T) in the field of research and innovation, in which Fiocruz plays a central role in health innovation


Offer of courses in national and international Postgraduate Programs at participating institutions, exchange of students and professors, technical visits, immersion programs in the European S, T&I ecosystem, and international compact courses (summer school).


Collaborative projects, participation in international consortia and networks, technical-scientific events, and researchers mobility programs.

Technological development, innovation and entrepreneurship

Internationalization support, softlanding , access to environments that promote innovation and matchmaking with public and private European organizations.

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Structure and Organization

Six Sectorial Research Laboratories (LabSec) constitute the core of the Platform, with multidisciplinary teams composed of researchers and professors from the University of Aveiro (UA), the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) and Ibero-American and European universities

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Sectorial Laboratories

LabSecs are defined by networking and structured as multi-user laboratory-platforms. They use the installed capacity of partner institutions and act based on Memoranda of Understanding, Cooperation Agreements, Letters of Commitment and Letters of Support.

LabSec 1

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Generate scientific knowledge in innovation management, ST&I policies, entrepreneurship, health innovation ecosystems and technology transfer and make connections with the business fabric.
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LabSec 2
One Health/Global Health

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Generate scientific knowledge in the single health/global health approach for the promotion of healthy and sustainable territories and conduct research on biodiversity and environmental health information.
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LabSec 3
Digital Health and Industry 4.0 in the Biopharmaceutical Sector

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Conduct projects, initiatives and activities that link concepts, elements and tools advocated by Industry 4.0, such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things (IoT), to healthcare.
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LabSec 4
Pharmaceuticals, Medicines and Bioproducts

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Generate knowledge for the use of big data in health, technological prospecting and study of forward-looking technologies (nano and bio), information and communication science and the management and translation of scientific and technological knowledge in health.
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LabSec 5

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Generate knowledge in biotechnology, cellular, molecular, computational biology, proteomics, protein engineering, algorithmic models for exploring genomic sequences and seeking targets for diagnoses and therapies.
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LabSec 6
Collective Health/Primary Care/Humanities

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Generate scientific knowledge, evaluate health systems and programs, law, health and citizenship, health promotion, social determinants, equity (gender and race/ethnicity), diversity, violence, migration, public policies, and social inequalities in health.
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A highly qualified team from several Higher Education Institutions and Research Centers in Brazil and Europe

Sectorial Laboratories

Leading Institutions

Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz)

The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) was founded in 1900 under the Brazilian Ministry of Health. Currently with headquarters in Rio de Janeiro and units throughout the country, it is recognized as the most prominent and influential health science and technology institution in Latin America. Its mission is to produce and disseminate knowledge and technologies towards strengthening the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS) and to contribute to promoting health, quality of life and the reduction of social inequalities.
Leading Institutions

University of Aveiro

The University of Aveiro (UA), founded in 1973, is a public foundation under private law whose mission is to contribute to and develop graduate and postgraduate education and training, research and cooperation with society. The UA’s mission is to create, share and apply knowledge, involving the whole community through teaching, research and cooperation with the surrounding environment, in order to make a clear difference for individuals and society.


PICTIS has the support of 65 institutions from 15 countries that express themselves in letters and official communiqués, such as the Delegation of the European Union in Brazil, the Embassy of Portugal in Brasília, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Portugal, the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) and the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission (Brussels), among others

Where we are

PICTIS is at the PCI Creative Science Park – Science and Innovation Park of Aveiro, which is aimed at promoting innovation and entrepreneurship projects in conjunction with the University of Aveiro.

With an area of 3,000 m², the PCI has spaces designed to receive researchers, entrepreneurs, and innovation companies in the areas of Information, Communication, Electronics (TICE) and Health Technologies.

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Parque de Ciência e Inovação - PCI Creative Science Park Aveiro

Via do Conhecimento, Edifício Central, 3830-352, Ílhavo, Portugal